AFT Service Descriptions

With over 25 years of combined training, research and practice, I am able to help people who are dealing with health challenges and those striving for optimal health.

My services and associated products are designed to expedite recovery, mitigate pain and enhance the body’s natural healing ability.

Acupressure Bodywork
Medical Astrology Analysis
Self-Care Tools

Each session begins with discussion around your previous and current health goals, followed by hands-on bodywork, ending with reflection, recommendations, and confirming the next steps of your custom treatment plan.

Enjoy a therapeutic spa experience without getting undressed, with an optional eye mask, essential oil diffusing, adjustable massage table, warm Himalayan salt stones, and relaxing music from the moment you enter.

More in this video overview.

I provide professional, confidential and convenient healthcare consultations tailored to your needs. Most sessions are virtual, allowing you to save time while connecting from a private location.

You determine the goal of each 30- to 60-minute paid consultation: discuss mental and physical health challenges and treatment recommendations, ideas on holistic health with herbs, guidance through meditative, self-applied acupressure exercises, and more. 


This one-time service produces insights unique to each client. From a holistic approach, the analysis helps us understand health patterns and potential influences from a celestial perspective.

The natal chart, profile report, acupressure self-care plan, and recorded consultation encourage individuals to take a proactive role in their overall well-being. More details on the AFT Medical Astrology service are available at 

I offer products and resources designed to support ongoing self-care. AFT guided audios and videos will help you relax, breathe easier, and stimulate healing.

Experience the long-lasting, purifying properties of holding hand-carved Himalayan salt stones.

Discover the natural healing properties of herbs and how to incorporate them into your self-care routine. 

Expand your knowledge with AFT healthcare infographics.


AFT Service Offerings
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