Hi, I'm Cristina Eury

I am a licensed massage therapist and Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner with over 25 years of study in natural health and healing the body.

I help people who are about to have surgery or are recovering from surgery. Together we expedite recovery and accelerate the body’s natural healing ability, to experience more vitality than previously thought possible.

My mission is to transform the physical health and emotional wellbeing of my clients. We work together to feel more balanced, grounded, and energized, allowing the body to continually heal itself.

My methodology is through the principles of 5-Element Traditional Chinese Medicine in the healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

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Cristina C. Eury, LMT, JSJP Acupressure Therapist MA70584 MM41435

Your Holistic Potential


Recover efficiently with less pain and more vitality.


Trust in your body’s ability to be resilient.


Feel more balanced to take care of yourself emotionally & physically.


Be energized to truly enjoy and do the things you love.



Prior to any surgical procedure, you may feel really nervous, worrying about what could go wrong, including the worst-case scenario. You're literally putting your life into the hands of the surgeon, hoping for the best.

It doesn't matter if it's a "routine" surgery. It's still scary, both for you and the ones you love.
What if it doesn't go as planned? What if the recovery time is much longer than expected?
How will you manage, both physically and emotionally?

AFT System To Help You Move Forward

Ancient Flow Therapy is a holistic medical practice based on proven, time-honored healing techniques, such as acupressure. The goals of Ancient Flow Therapy feature the enhancement of your body’s innate ability to heal.

Ancient Flow Therapy compliments modern medicine and partners with your own medical team to provide you with the best support for your physical and emotional needs, especially with healing before and after surgery or with ongoing health conditions that you may be encountering.

1. Health Assessment

Review history and current health as a baseline. Consider factors, such as lifestyle and genetics, that may be causing your current health status. 

4. Daily Homework

Self-care protocols between 10-20 mins; also to reduce stress while calming and relaxing your mind.

2. Plan

Work out the exact steps to create a plan for optimizing your personal health journey.

5. Review

A look back and opportunity to reflect at your progression in the process.

3. Bodywork

This includes several sessions to help you reduce and transform your stress while helping to calm your mind.

AFT System Benefits

Through the AFT system, we are able to take a clear look at your history, create a plan to improve your health, and help your body and mind to heal.



Pause for a moment and take a deep breath with me. I understand this is a challenging time, and this can totally be a positive experience! Your body is wired to heal and naturally strives for balance and vitality. You don't have to do this alone. I know the path, and I'm here to help smooth the way.

Health challenges are valuable communication from your body and soul, offering an opportunity to realign with your fullest potential. Surgery is an opportunity to intentionally release what is no longer supporting you, creating space to cultivate the health, well-being, and vitality that are your birthright.

It's time to befriend your body and give it the nourishment it needs to rebuild itself.

When balance is restored, it creates harmony throughout your entire system - physical, mental and emotional. You can build your natural resiliency and re-engage with your life in an energized way.

My Story

13 years ago I was struggling with depression & adrenal fatigue.

The headaches and back pain had me back in bed by 9am most days.

A momma of 3 young kids, I could not afford to be so tired and lay around all day. It was hard to have my husband taking over my household chores, my kids watching way too much media, and feeling like I didn’t have energy take my kids to the park. I felt useless and guilty.

And then, one late October Saturday morning, I took a class that changed my life. It was a 3-hour self help acupressure class with an unfamiliar Japanese name, called Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ). What I experienced in my body was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I felt energized and very grounded at the same time.

That was a beginning of a completely different level of health and vitality for me.

I was no longer exhausted and in physical pain. I was able to shift how my body felt by using simple tools I had learned from my studies. 

I started helping others with their pain, too. What started as a side gig became my career and biggest passion.

After more than 500 hundred hours of training, I graduated from massage school so I could practice JSJ in Florida.

I have loved supporting others in their healing, but it wasn’t until I helped a 15-year old prepare for and recover from knee surgery that I discovered the joy of helping people recover from traumatic physical injuries.

It’s so cool to see the more dramatic ways that JSJ can help the healing process.

These days, my life feels so blessed. I see clients, I volunteer at my kids’ high school band, I attend marching competitions and football games, I can keep my kitchen and laundry clean, and I don’t run out of energy.

Family and community are as important to me as health and vitality.

That is why I like to help my clients recover quickly and learn to increase their energy levels so they can take care of their families and continue to contribute to their communities.



Just Imagine

• Experiencing less stress.
• Healing faster.
• Being more calm emotionally on a daily basis.
• Feeling grounded for a more mentally, spiritually, and physically-balanced experience.
• Taking care of your family and obligations easily.
• Having a resilient body that allows you to be at your best.


Through holistic healing, you can:

• Recover efficiently with less pain and more vitality
• Retain your sense of sovereignty and trust in your body’s ability to be resilient, allowing you to be at your best
• Be more balanced to take care of your obligations whether it be emotional or physical
• Feel energized to be involved and contribute to your community
• Live your purpose, sharing your unique gifts with the world

My Holistic Approach

  • I use a combination of gentle acupressure, information from your birth, and patterns from your life along with what’s physically and emotionally showing up in your life presently, and for in-person, warm Himalayan Salt Stones, to tailor my work to each client. 

  •  I address unhealed, unresolved, uncleared life traumas that are creating health challenges and blocking healing in your body. It’s amazing what can happen when we let go of those old blocks. Similar to acupressure, I work with the energetic systems of the body to bring spiritual, mental, and physical harmony. 

  • My training as an anthropologist helps me to see the cultural aspects of a person’s lived experience.

  • Your birth information reveals to me the specific celestial energies and the Elements (earth, air, water, fire, wood) that govern your inherent physical and mental qualities. This knowledge can expose possible elemental connections and constitutional tendencies within the body. I help you free up your innate energy by cleaning up these connections, so you can be your most magnificent productive self again. 

  • I have methods of identifying your overworked aspects of your body. We all have tendencies in the way we use our bodies, and certain organs may work harder than others because of those tendencies. The everyday stressors of life–frantic pace, poor eating habits, overworking, etc.–can knock our life out of balance, leading to illness or injury requiring surgery. Furthermore, unresolved life traumas are held deeply in the body and can manifest as stress and illness, sometimes leading to surgery.

  • My clients are actively involved in their healing process. If your trauma is not healed effectively, the issue may come back which could lead to another surgery! Surgery is not bad. Pharmaceuticals are not bad. But they are not the complete picture of healing. My goal is to work with you to achieve complete healing.


Our bodies are always lovingly communicating with us. We just haven’t always been taught to listen to our bodies. The good news is:
It’s never too late to learn how!