AFT Medical Astrology

Why have a medical astrological analysis session? Like getting blood work and a lab report, I research and create a natal chart using the date, time, and location of your birth. With the natal chart as a guide, I begin to discover what I call your “constitutional tendencies.” These tendencies are areas of the body both physically and mentally that tend to need a little extra support.

AFT Approach to Medical Astrology

Ancient Flow Therapy Medical Astrology uses the client’s natal chart to hone in on how best to serve them. Using the date, time, and location of birth, a natal chart reveals the specific celestial energies and the Elements (earth, air, water, fire, wood) that influence a client’s inherent physical and mental characteristics.

This knowledge can expose possible elemental connections and constitutional tendencies within the body. I love helping clients free up their innate energy by cleaning up those connections, allowing them to get in the flow of being their most magnificent productive self again. And I accomplish this without clients having to get undressed or change positions.

1. Collect your Vitals

My 45-minute custom Medical-Astrological-Natal Analysis/Chart session requires a date of birth, the location of your birth, and the time of birth, as accurate as possible.

2. Timeline

I will create your natal chart and typically do the analysis within a week after receiving your information. We will then schedule a 45-minute Zoom session to review the analysis results.

3. Your Report

You may record the Zoom session for additional private review, and I will send you a PDF copy of your results by email after our session.

4. Commitment Level

The medical astrological analysis is a one-time session. But it may inspire you to consider supporting your physical and mental health through my bodywork based on what your analysis results reveal.

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