AFT Maintenance Program


Nearing completion of the AFT Signature Package, Cristina will conduct the Review Process to recommend the next steps in supporting your healthcare journey. Clients can continue healthcare commitment with AFT Maintenance Program at the special value session price, paid monthly.

The AFT Monthly Maintenance Program represents at least 3 consecutive months of at least one bodywork session per month. Same special session price used in the completed AFT package with payment required immediately following the service or before.

This program is available after the completion of an AFT Signature or Maintenance Package.

  • At least 1 Prepaid Bodywork Session with a commitment to a total of 3 to 15 sessions
  • Opportunity to select 30-, 45- or 60-min bodywork sessions)
  • Continued Access to 6 guided, self-care meditative recordings
Size of Package Completed

15, 10, 5, 3

Session Length

60, 45, 30