AFT Maintenance Package


AFT Sessions take place in the office for hands-on acupressure with warm Himalayan salt stones and aroma while fully clothed. When sessions are facilitated remotely, they are considered Guided Meditation Sessions that take place via Zoom from your private location while fully clothed.

Nearing completion of the AFT Signature Package, Cristina will conduct the Review Process to recommend the next steps in supporting your healthcare journey. Clients can join the AFT Monthly Maintenance Program or select the AFT Maintenance Package again

After each package, you can continue with the special value price

The AFT Maintenance Package represents months of our mutual commitment to your health. Typically, 10 sessions span 3 to 5 months. This package is available after completion of the AFT Signature Package.
  • Multiple Prepaid Bodywork Sessions (75-min each)
  • Culinary herbal information/suggestions
  • Continued Access to 6 guided, self-care meditative recordings
Sessions Per Package

3, 5, 10, 15